Monday, February 10, 2014

Time is Ticking

Snow or no snow? This has been the question of the day! As our school celebrated our 100th day of school, I couldn't help but wonder if we are going to get to finish these last 80 days quickly or not.
I was able to spend this weekend making more preparations for the Conference. I was able to watch live streaming from my home If: gathering conference. It was exactly what I needed to hear and experience! Such amazing women and speaking to encourage women to run their race! We are using the same scripture at our conference! I love how Gods moving all over the world. 
One thing I'm learning through this process is the importance of time and needing to use it wisely.
My days of being bored are over. I'm learning how to manage the tasks at hand and things to prepare for in the next couple of months. Any time you say yes to your dream, it's going to cost something. Right now mine is time. 
I'm working on managing distractions and pacing my week. Two ways I'm doing this is limiting my time on social media and using my Power sheets. These two things have helped me focus on my dream and the details to live it! 
My Monday challenge is that you take some time to reflect on how you are using your time and what is consuming most of your time. Every minute counts. I want to be a woman who uses the time that God is giving me and do something!
Stay safe and warm!

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