Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shout out Wednesday

Hello friends!! Wow has this week been busy! It doesn't look like ill be slowing down anytime soon but I'm loving what I'm doing!
Here are my shout outs for the week! I hope you can check them out!

  1. Small things blog If you haven't checked this blog out...... Go now!!! She has some great hair tutorials and I love the things she shares!
  2. Kari Jobe  Kari is one of my favorite singers and this song is going to be on her new album. It's beautiful!
  3. Emily Ley. I really hope I can somehow meet this girl one day! I just ordered their simplified planner and can't wait to start using it!
I hope your week will continue to go well! Be checking my speaking tab soon for some updates and speaking opportunities!

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