Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Where Dreams Come True

 I recently got to go to the "Happiest Place On Earth". You can feel the magic as you drive up to the entrance. I was giddy with excitement. From the parking attendants, security men checking our bags, and the cashiers their smiles were genuine and showed they were excited we were there. They made me feel like they had been expecting me. 

I was caught up in the details. The entrance with scanning our cards and fingerprints, the flower beds arranged with Mickey's silhouette, and the detailed buildings and atmosphere that transported us to a different country. No matter your age, this place makes you feel like your dreams could come true.

It all started with a mouse.
Walt Disney started with a dream. And years and years later, this dream is reaching millions of people in giving them a place to dream and believe in magic.

"All your dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!"
                                                                            Walt Disney

That is my heart for She Dreams Ministry . That when women step out of their cars this Saturday for our women's event, they are met with volunteers who are excited they are here and have been expecting them. That through every song, session, and experience that they feel like their dreams can come true and see God's hand in every detail.

It all started with a feather.

A feather that represented a dream of a college graduate girl. A dream that she knew God had given her. Something only she could do.

I'm humbled and excited to watch my dream come alive. This Saturday women will gather together to be encouraged, equipped, and empowered to live and believe the dreams God has placed inside their hearts.

Dreams take courage!! Be a dreamer!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

When No isn't always something negative

No. Not yet. You're not ready.

Have you ever been told these words?

When it was your parents answer when you asked for candy, to spend the night with a friend, or when you wanted to practice driving the car before you got your permit.

Those may have seemed hard to hear at the time but they weren't devastating or life altering. 

But what do you do when it's your dream? Something you've been waiting a long time for. These words seem like an earth shattering echo over and over in your head!

NO!! No!!!

If you're like me, my mind processes these words in several stages.

Surprise. Hurt. Rejection. Failure.

I first usually get stubborn and do everything in MY own power to get my way. Pitching two year old fits if necessary. Then I run and hide and distance myself because I feel like a failure. 

But what if we could recognize the "No's" as protection from things we aren't aware of and save us from hurt and frustration.

Our parents knew candy was something our bodies didn't need. That we weren't developmentally ready to make decisions on driving or dating young.

God knows when we are ready for our dreams. In the waiting, He is equipping us for everything we will need. 

Let's take hope and not be afraid we will lose our dreams if the answer is no or not yet. He has something even better coming and He is never late.

Ephesians 3:20

He is able to do abundantly above all that we ask or ever could dream to ask.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Allowing Yourself A Time Out

Have you ever been in the middle of a huge decision and your brain won't stop screaming and chattering?

Which college should I pick? Should I buy this house? Is this a good investment? Is this church the place for me?

And if it's not enough that the questions you keep asking yourself overtake your head, suddenly your heart decides to get involved and joining the conversations.

What will my friends and family think? Will I let them down if I make the "wrong" decision? 

I recently went through this torture fight of back and forth questions. All I could hear was noise. I felt tense, overwhelmed, and no peace. I was trying to make the best decision and was struggling knowing what that was. I appreciated the wisdom and advice was given. But I also heard a lot of opinions.

What I needed was a time out!

Time to allow myself to process all I was feeling and wondering. I needed to find a place and time I could sit alone and hear nothing but God. 

It's ok to give yourself space. To allow the advice, wisdom, and opinions to quiet for a moment so that you can hear the only voice that matters. 

When I gave myself a time out, do you know what I found?

Peace. Encouragement. Courage.

Peace that passes all my understanding. Encouragement that I could and would make the best decision possible. Courage to do what I knew needed to be done.

The next time you are in a process that feels so overwhelming..... Take a time out.

It will do your heart and mind wonders!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Single

Conversation hearts. Roses. Chocolates.

You know exactly what these all equal up to. Valentine’s Day.

For some of you this day of showing people you care how much you love them,  can bring joy and excitement. Plans of candlelit dinner, movie without the kids, or even a simple moment to share with your husband or significant other.
But for those of you single, this one day can be a day of feeling more lonely than any other day and a very easy day to feel insignificant or allow comparison to sneak in.

Why do I allow ONE day to change the way I feel about my life and feel less loved?

You’re Not Alone.

I have spent a lot of Valentine’s Days being Single. In fact, I probably could count on one hand the times I had a date or boyfriend on this day of Love. In the past I have allowed myself to envy those co-workers who had flowers sent to work, jealous of friends or sisters who had plans on this day and it left me at home alone.

The industry has over done the hallmark commercials, the pressure of needing flowers and chocolates  to feel loved and cherished.
We have the choice to get sucked in and made to feel we aren’t important and loved or use Valentine’s Day to bring us and others joy by doing something for ourselves and others.

3 ideas of how to spend Valentine’s Day

1.      Serve
When we turn the direction of our thoughts from ourselves to others, we are able to have a new perspective on our own circumstances and in most cases are able to be filled and blessed far more than we would have ever thought possible.
-         Offer to babysit for a friend, co-worker, or family member while they can go to dinner for a much needed time together.
-         Take valentine’s or homemade goodies to a local shelter, hospital, or place with people in need

2.    Plan a fun outing or host a party for your single friends
-         Showing hospitality in having friends over can make others feel special. It doesn’t take much but a few cute decorations, simple prepared food, and a fun movie or games.
-         Check for events with your local churches, community organizations, or venues that you could get a group together and enjoy.

3.    Do something for yourself
We forget that it’s important to take care of yourself. Find something that you enjoy and do it. Sometimes singles can be made to feel bad when choosing to do things that may appear to others as being selfish. Singleness can have it’s advantages when having a more flexible schedule, using your money how you want, and much more.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m choosing JOY!! My best friend and I are going to a local spa and having massages, pedicures, and facials. We are both so excited! 

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day this year? No matter how you are spending it, know you are worthy of Love, you matter to others, and you have lots of love to give to others.