Monday, February 17, 2014

Words to learn!

Was so excited to see the sun out the past few days! Sun vitamin C always encourages me to do something and smile!
I've had so many thoughts and things I'm processing that its hard to know where to start!
I have shared several times about my word of the year being Words! Words to encourage, create, and learn from. Gods really creating lots of places in my life right now to Learn. Three places in particular are time, leading well, and speaking truth.
Throughout this week ill go in more depth on each of these.
Today I want to share a little bit about what God is teaching me about Time. Lets go ahead and get one word out of the way that describes me: PROCRASTINATOR!!! I've dealt with this horrible trait for years. As I'm walking in the steps of faith towards my dream and preparing for the conference, God is using it to teach me importance of time and managing it.
What I'm learning more and more is its not for or about me. If I don't prepare well for this conference, it's not me failing... It's a missed opportunity of a woman being encouraged to say yes to her dream!
I'm learning to make boundaries in my time on social media, paying attention to details and organizing my tasks at hand. I'm learning how to carve and balance my time for Him, working on this conference, and daily life responsibilities!
So my Monday challenge is to share your story, tips, and thoughts on this subject of time! I know we can learn from each other and incorporate what others are doing that helps them live their lives to the fullest. You can email me your response and if I have your permission, ill share in next weeks series on time. 
I love how God is helping me see its not just about me that He's sharpening for.... But His glory and to use me so others may know Him!
Beth Moore gave an awesome talk on time at this past weekends passion 2014 conference. It's still up for you to see until Wednesday. It's session 4 in the middle. The feed kept catching so it may have to run a bit before you can watch it. 
Hope there are many sunny days for you this week!

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