Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I have been overwhelmed by all the support, comments, and excitement that has come my way since sharing my dream yesterday! This whole experience is so humbling that God is calling me to do this! God is showing me that all He asks is us to be obedient and He will equip and guide our next steps!
My next steps in this journey is exciting but also overwhelming! 
The first thing on my plate is working on my talk. I am privileged to get the opportunity to work with Amy from the Proverbs 31 ministries in helping me develop and refine my talk. My prayer is that God will speak through me to encourage, empower, and revive the women who attend the conference.
My team and I are also working hard on the sessions/speakers and our website! Please join us in prayer as we work on all these details!
I hope more than anything that as you follow my journey in this dream that you will be encouraged to start searching and allowing God to reveal, remind, or equip your own dream!
A dear friend of mine sent me a message with this last night and has become my prayer and hope for you and those going to attend the conference.
"The whole"Dream" theme started me thinking of "I have A Dream" " thank God almighty I'm free at last!" You are becoming free as you speak these words and more women may become free as they find themselves "Worthy of the Dream!"
What an amazing hope and prayer!


  1. I'm super excited for you - If there is anything I can help you do from out here, please let me know.