Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Embracing Your Place

As we are approaching The season of Valentines Day, I've been reminded of how the media and women are made to think about themselves during this holiday! Single girls feeling depressed because they don't have someone and to feel they have a huge red sign on their forehead marked loser, married women disappointed if their husband doesn't live up to the romantic expectations they have created in their minds, or for those who have lost someone whether in death or divorce.
I honestly have dreaded this holiday many times in the past because I fell in the trap of feeling sorry for myself!
But this year it's different! God is teaching me how to BE in the different phases and places in my life. I've gotten so caught up on waiting for Next that I've overlooked and missed out on the lessons and opportunities in the Now!
Maybe you are experiencing this whether in singleness, sickness, waiting for kids, loss or many other things we are "waiting" in. My prayer is that we start embracing our place and allowing God to use us wherever we are!
I'm choosing to use this Valentines Day to find ways to spread love to my family, friends, and others I see that need it!
Christine Caine spoke about this in an amazing message!  Check it out!
"Gods way doesn't make sense. You have to embrace your place. Where God can do what He wants to do in you so that He can do what He wants to do through you'" 


  1. Love this!! Great idea and great way to approach this topic. (From someone with a Valentine that is never, ever home on Valentine's Day.)

    1. Thanks Stacy! I think whether married or single it can effect women! I want to focus more on giving love to others instead of just on focusing on getting it!:)