Thursday, February 20, 2014

For such a time as this

When God called Moses to go to pharaoh and command him to let His people go.... He didn't call a masterful speaker. Moses stuttered!! God called a man who most would have seen as quite, disabled, and not courageous. 
A friend of mine reminded me of this story and its given me a lot of comfort knowing that God equips the called. He's called me for a great task and for such a time as this. I'm being called to use my voice to speak truth.
It's terrifying knowing I've been taken out of my comfort zone, a place I've never been before, stepping out in faith to speak what God has laid on my heart to share.
I'm sure there will be tears and trembling lips.... But Gods gone before me and laid the path. My words will not be fallen on deaf ears if Gods in this.
My friends I wish I could just sit with you tonight and share all that is stirring in my heart. God is taking this quiet, people-pleaser, non-confrontational girl and doing a huge work within me. I have joy even through the growing pains, even though I might be ridiculed, or even lose friends..... That He's doing this work in me so as to work through me for others to see Him.
So tonight I find comfort knowing Moses stuttered. Tomorrow will bring the challenge and my prayer is that I'm obedient.
Speaking truth isn't for the faint of heart. This following is a link to Ladans story. She's a women from Iran who is speaking truth even though it literally could cost her life.

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