Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Empathy vs Sympathy

If you have been reading my posts, at some point you've caught on that I love words. Words to encourage, learn, and create with. But also how I'm horrible with knowing how to use them in the correct context sometimes.

Empathy and sympathy are words that are usually universally confused or used incorrectly. Both are used to define your feelings concerning people. The difference is empathy is fully understanding the other persons situation or feelings because you've been there. Sympathy is having feeling of concern or feeling with the person because you care.

Have you ever went through a hard situation, phase, or time in your life and in the midst had trouble why you were having to go through it. But years later, a close friend or family member had to go through the same thing or something very similiar and you were the first person they called. They knew you could EMPATHIZE. You had been in their shoes before.

Yes, we can care and be there for a close friend who is going through something hard. But sometimes there are no words that feel right and we don't want to say the wrong ones.

I have had several moments that God was showing me that He could use me. When you are the person who has gone through something tragic or hard and with the help of God...... walked out on the other side. Walked out of the wilderness into the promised land. Someone needs your encouragement. Your guidance, shoulder, and words to help them know they are going to ok. That God is still there in the midst of the circumstance.

Are you using your story to help encourage and empathize with others?

This week I've had such a great and fun opportunity to do this with my fellow co-workers and friends while they have been administrating end of year testing. Since moving to 2nd grade, I have not had to deal with the huge weight and stress of these tests. So I decided that I needed to take all the energy I would have had towards the tests and put on loving, encouraging, and supporting my colleagues.

Sausage biscuits, fruit, and suprise cans. It doesn't take much to let someone know you understand and want them to know you love them.

Unseal the bottom of can and fill with candy.

Make sure to get a can with pop top.

Tape bottom, cover with wrapping paper, and tie ribbon on top.

Use something you have been through to help encourage others. It's so rewarding.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Living Room book giveaway!

Last week I shared with you about a conference I went to in Atlanta called The living room. Three young ladies whom I now call friends and I are doing a book giveaway! You will love learning more about these girls and their writing.

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