Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leading Well

Sitting outside on my porch today after school reading and soaking up the sun was exactly what I needed after a very busy day.
Yesterday I shared about Time being an area that God is using to teach and stretch me. Being challenged to learn how to be a leader and lead well is another place I feel that I'm being sharpened in and let me tell you friends..... I'm having growing pains!
I've thought back over my life and tried to find places that I was a leader. My birth order puts me as the oldest in a family of four girls. My twin sister and I did a lot together from birth to college. We played off each others strengths and I never felt one was more of a leader than the other.
I think us being the youngest in our class growing up caused me to be more a follower and it didn't open up a lot of opportunities to lead.
Having a people pleaser and a hate for confrontation type personality also has contributed to following instead of leading. Even in places I felt drawn that I was created to lead in.
Fear and insecurity can always stop us in our tracts when we start walking towards something different or stepping out in a different role that most people haven't seen us in.
I wish I could go ahead and share with you steps and a plan on how to lead well. Hopefully one day after I've walked through this journey I can.
In the meantime, I will share what I'm learning, what's working and not working, and people I see who are great examples of good leaders.
Again, this is a place that I know isn't just about me. He is preparing me for a greater purpose and my heart and prayer is Gods glory can be shown through this process. 
Stay tuned for updates as I walk through this journey.

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