Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shout out Wednesday

I'm so ready for spring and summer! Not too many more weeks I hope! We will continue our "Knowing better equals Doing Better" series tomorrow. So excited to share all the tips and thoughts friends have been sending me. Join in anytime!
This week God has been reminding me He's doing a great work all day, everyday! He invites us to be a part of it! I sure don't want to miss out!  The following are some things I've read this week that's really helped connect the knowledge Gods working and For such a time as now for me to join.

If: equip.  This daily devotion and video has given me great scripture to read, reflect, and listen to others share their thoughts. I urge you to go to If:equip  and sign up for their daily emails! They are short but so powerful.

End it movement  tomorrow February 27 end it movement is shining a light on ending slavery. I've learned more about human trafficking through this organization and they are making a difference. Ill be wearing my X tomorrow to do my part and looking for other ways to support this group that's in the places girls, women, and men are being rescued each day!

Alisha Lambert is a friend of mine that we met at a camp I was a counselor at for many years. It's been fun watching her grow into a beautiful young lady who loves The Lord. She wrote a guest post 
on my friend Brooke's blog this week and just had to share.

Jen Hatmaker When I need a good laugh or want someone to just be real... I go read Jen. She's hilarious and very honest about her daily stories and life. It's refreshing!

Part 2 knowing better equals doing something better tomorrow!

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