Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday favorites

Happy Valentines Day! I had a great day sharing with my students about how much I love them! We went around saying nice things about each other and it filled my heart up completely! I've learned over the years even being single on this day.... Giving love makes your own heart fill up!
Here are my Friday favorites!
  1. My attempt to making a snow shark created lots of laughter! In case you don't know, mines on the bottom.
Toby Mac premiered his Speak Life video! It has become on of my favorites! It was on my shout out post this week as well!

3. This winter weather has been harsh on my skin. This lotion from philosophy is my favorite to use on my legs and arms!
4. My view this week!

I hope whether your single, dating, or married that you are able to give lots of love today and this weekend! Have a great weekend!

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