Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snakes in Disguise

On this "snow" day, I get to hangout with one of my favorite guys!! Maddox and I have built Lego buildings and watched Ninjago! As we were watching he kept telling me what was going on and then he turned to me and said "aunt B.... don't ever trust snakes... They bite you!"
Such words of wisdom!
Sometimes there are obvious signs of danger! Lies, drugs, and going in the dark by yourself. But sometimes "snakes" can be in disguise.
Good things can easily turn into something dangerous. The way we spend our time on social media for example! As I've been snowed in this week, I've found myself bored and on social media a lot. Now I'm not saying social media is bad. Just the amount of time and How we use it can be.
Comparison, feeling unworthy, wanting more, wishing for someone's else's life....can overtake us before we can even realize it. They have more followers, I wish I had a house, how am I still single... Thoughts can be dangerous! What we don't realize is we just get to see the highlights in others online and not the things behind the scenes!
If we took the amount of time we use on social media to invest in others.... we could change the world!
So today I'm starting to really take notice of my time and look for ways to invest in others!
Enjoy your day! 
Ps..... Look for HUGE announcement soon!

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