Monday, January 13, 2014

A New Monday

Happy Monday!!! Said no one ever! Haha But I'm going to try and start using my Monday posts to help crank up our week on a good note! Each Monday I'm going to try and challenge myself and you to do something! Something that pushes us outside our comfort zone or to break outside the box. It also may just be to encourage someone who needs it!
My word for 2014 is WORDS! I know that sounds funny.... But it has been on my heart to use words to learn more, encourage, and create with.
So here is this weeks challenge. I love getting cards with words of encouragement or just to say Hi! We don't send snail mail like we used to! The excitement of opening your mailbox and seeing a card instead of bills is so refreshing. Pick someone you either haven't contacted in awhile or someone you feel could use a smile on their face and mail them a card. This takes five minutes..... And believe me will make someone's day!
Leave a comment below when you've mailed your card and I will in turn mail you a card!
My prayer is that we give others joy even on our Mondays when we aren't feeling it ourselves!
I'm excited about some upcoming posts and things you can be a part of! Get to writing your letter and ill be excited to hear how it goes!


  1. Too cool! I just mailed out 4 cards. I felt the need last week to let my fellow fb girlfriends, close and far, know how precious they are to God. So i am trying hard to send them encouragement on their bdays. Hope i am successful this year! I agree about snail mail being exciting to receive!

  2. That's so awesome Heather!!! I think it's great to hear about these things because it inspires others to do something too!:)

  3. I dropped two packages in the mail this week and encouraged by your post, I mailed an additional letter to a friend.


  4. Yay!!!! So exciting! Send me your addresses and be expecting something in the mail soon.:)