Monday, January 27, 2014


What a surprise to wake up this morning to school being closed due to black ice. No one was expecting this. It reminded me how we have no control of the weather. Or our lives!
As I'm stepping and walking towards my dreams.... The knowing I have no control is getting more clearer. Of course we have the choice to try and take control of our lives but what I've experienced when doing this is frustration and emptiness. 
I shared a few weeks ago about having nightmares and even though those have subsided, I have moments of fear of things happening that I have no control over. My nephews are one of the most precious things in my life. I remember when they were really young and come spend the night with me and I'd follow their every move. So afraid they would get hurt on my watch.
Last night I went to bed thinking of my nephews. All of them! Even though I haven't met little Eston yet.... He was on my mind! Maddox is sick and I hate to see them suffer. I woke up this morning with them still on my mind! 

I have no power or control to keep them safe and out of harm. God has a beautiful and perfect way to speak to us. To draw us nearer and see more of His heart. God knows what's ahead and all he wants is us to be obedient. 
Maybe you have fears that pop up and overwhelm you. Your first defense is to take control. What god is leading us to do is take His hand and keep running our race. He has a purpose in everything.
I have no idea why we lost little Eston but I know God is doing a great work through his story and family.
So my Monday challenge has two parts:
  1. Look inside you to see what fears or places you feel you have to be in control. Allow God to show you how to let go! We are powerless to do it ourselves.
  2. Love on your family! One of my goals this year is to spend more time with my family and nephews! Aunt B isn't going to miss out on those boys lives!
To Eston: Aunt B loves you so much and I can't wait to meet you and give you the biggest hug! I know nanny pat, paw paw Joe, and nanny dolly are telling you lots of stories until I get there!

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