Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hello friends! I hope you bundled up this morning and have stayed warm today! This girl could get used to having 2 hour delays!
I have a confession today. More of a statement really. Usually a confession is something more on the negative side of something you did or are. But it's really more of an admittance I'm not ashamed of.
IM A DREAMER!! In the past two weeks, God has helped remind me of my core and that He created me to be a Dreamer! I used to be what my friends called me,"a daisy". One that always looked at the positive of things and based a lot of my life around a "fairy tale" world.
Until my parents divorced. My bubble was busted and I was hit with the harsh reality of this broken world. At some point through this journey I started burying my dreams and not allowing myself to think as a dreamer!
The last few weeks God has so beautifully reminded me of my dreams He gave me and that I was created to be a dreamer!
Maybe you have forgotten your dreams through hard circumstances. Maybe you felt that you had to hide the natural dreamer self inside because others told you it didn't fit in this world!
My heart and prayer is that God will start showing and revealing who you are and reminding you to dream!
There is freedom in being who you were created to be!

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