Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hello Friends! I'm so excited to be starting this new journey in blogging and connecting with you each day while sharing my thoughts and my story. I hope to encourage you wherever you are in your journey and remind you that you have a purpose and a gift that only you possess. One of my 2014 goals is to encourage others more and unearth gifts within myself and help young girls and women in finding their own gifts. Now is the time to make things happen! A popular quote floating around in social media right now is, "A year from today, you will wish you had started." So here I am starting this journey! I know God is going to do amazing things this year in and through you! If you want to get to know some fun facts about me.....check out my About Me page. Keep on the lookout!! There are some fun giveaways and prizes I'll be giving away soon! Talk to you soon!

I want to give a shout out to the Amazing Tessa who designed and set up my blog. It was such a blessing to have someone whom I've never met create something that was better than I could have ever imagined and felt me. Please check out her site if you are looking into creating a blog and need some help getting started. I am very pleased with how mine turned out! Thank you Tessa!!!  Tales from a Blog Designer


  1. yay! I am excited to following you along your journey! And thanks for sharing who helped create your blog design. I've been seriously contemplating a design and I definitely need help with it! :)

  2. so excited for you!!! the blog looks great!!!

  3. Thank you so much for your comments!!
    Deidre... You should check her site! I loved her work.