Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The past few nights I've had horrible nightmares. The kind you wake up sweating and wondering if they really happened. I had a suspicion after the first one that it had something to do with fear and actually stepping out into pursuing my dreams as an encouraging speaker. After the third night.... I knew!!
Fear has always had a way of sneaking in and crippling me. I am NOT going to let it win this time. Have you ever got the courage to step out and start walking towards a dream or goal only to be knocked down by fear? Fearful we aren't good enough, could I actually do this, am I worthy, what will people say..... It has a way of rushing over us like a seashell caught in the current.
There is something different this time because this Dream God has given me is growing inside and no matter what, it has to come alive! Knowing that is what is giving me courage to keep walking forward.
As I'm walking, I'm claiming His word. I've had such wonderful friends send me verses of scripture to read before I go to bed. What I'm finally realizing is that He's got me. He's my protector.
If you have found yourself in a place of fear, I challenge you to find a verse that you can read, memorize, and speak out!
This week I'll share more about my fears in the past and how God's grew me and revealed more of himself to me.
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