Saturday, January 11, 2014

Comparing Journeys

Happy weekend! I won't be normally uploading posts every weekend but since I just started.... I didn't want to wait till Monday!
I've always looked forward to weekends! Time to rest from the work week, to have fun with friends/family, movies, weekend getaways, or just being home with Netflix. There have been periods of my journey though that I have found myself hating Friday nights. Especially recently. When they arrive, loneliness, frustration, and questions flood in as well.
Are weekends hard for you? It's so easy when you're at a certain stage or step in your life to always be wanting to get to the next stage or skip the one you're in. Always asking, "what's next?". We find ourselves comparing our journeys to others around us. If you're single like me, then you might be wondering, "what's wrong with me?". You watch your sisters and friends one by one become engaged or married. Life shifts and you come into a place where there there are lots of uncertainty. Where do I belong? Who am I going to hangout with? Comparing journeys is such an easy thing to do but can be so damaging! No matter where a woman is in her journey.... We compare. "She has a husband, she has her own house, wow she has such freedom! Maybe you're married and raising kids. Life is busy and you wish Friday nights could be nothing but you and Netflix. Some time for yourself! Call me... I'll babysit! Ha ha. 

What I'm finding though through these moments that God takes me to a place of surrender and reminds me of my purpose in the NOW! 
So my challenge for you and I this weekend and in the future that when we find ourselves comparing.... We remind ourselves that God created us and put us on our journey because He knows we are strong enough to live it and His plans are so much bigger than we can ever imagine. So lets use wherever we are to grow and encourage others. To keep walking and pour into others. I have realized while pouring and investing into others, I take my focus off myself and become so filled with His joy!

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