Thursday, March 13, 2014

Speak life

Well my time at the Browns has came to an end! It's strangely quite at my house!:)
This week I've had many difference encounters and reminders of how powerful words are!
Two that I want to share happened today at school! I had to go in the high school building to do an observation and when I stopped by the ladies room, some pieces of paper caught my eye! On the inside stall door and above the mirrors were signs that some student had posted that said things like,"you are enough, you are beautiful just the way you are, and more I can't remember!"
I thought of how powerful those words are and how I pray these girls walking in those bathrooms grabbed those words off the pages and placed them in their hearts! I personally needed those words today! Words speak life or they don't! There are no other choices!
I got back to my classroom and on my keyboard was a handwritten note sharing with me what a great job I was doing and thanking me! This person had no idea what doubts and failures had run though my day today!
Friends your words matter!! Lets choose to speak life into others!

Funny of the day: when will was looking at the prizes to buy with tickets he earned at fun factory today... He said,"breeze what a rip off!" I could but this stuff at Walmart! Smart kid!!

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  1. The power of words is amazing - The encouragement of a friend is always appreciated!