Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shout out Wednesday

Days like today make me hope spring is near! It was a beautiful day! I hope you're enjoying the time series! One area I'm trying to work on is arranging my time to spend more time on the blog. One thing I'm going to try this weekend is write my posts a day or two ahead of time so I'm not feeling rushed or when unexpected things come up, I won't feel worried about getting that days post up! 
It's just like in lots of areas we try to improve in, we want fast results! Baby steps is one more step closer to your goals! If I'm doing something better than I did yesterday... Then I count that as a win!

Here are my shout outs for the week!

Catalyst podcast is what I mentioned yesterday. Click on Terkeurst, Voscamp tab. These wonderful ladies share their ideas and dreams.

Pouring out is a post by Holley Gerth. She writes about the importance of filling up as we pour out onto others.

Lysa Terkeurst post about 5 things you should say to a friend.

Check in tomorrow with part 4 of our time series.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! Hope your blog planning is going well :) I also loved the links you shared - that's one feature I really like! I think it's such a great way to share material you are loving while supporting others!