Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday favorites

I love getting to come home on Friday's and just relax! Lately my Fridays have been my nights to catch up on laundry and just be. I know that sounds lame, but I think everyone needs a time to just relax and rest. It's crucial for me and gives me the energy to get the things I need to accomplish.
Here are my Friday favorites!!!

These spring colors came this past week! I can't wait to try them out. Go check out Julep site. You can get a free box sent to check it out. I love the nail polish. It goes on thick.

My Simplified planner arrived this week and I am on cloud 9!! I love how sturdy it is and easy to fold over. With lots of dates and lists to remember, this has already come in handy.

I love my new 31 bag! The spring colors are pretty and I love having our new ministry She Dreams 
on it. It's been so useful and I love the length of the handles.

I have needed a new foundation for quite awhile. I used to always use Clinique but in the past year my skin gets really dry. So last weekend I went to Ulta and had a lady help me. This feels so light on my face and its almost like I can feel my skin getting lots of air!:) 

Went to a Kari Jobe concert last Friday and it was beautiful! I loved her new music and to watch her lead worship! Can't wait to get her new album!!

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