Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shout Out Wednesday

This week shout outs go to ALL you moms out there!!! You are amazing and I want you to know on the days you feel like you can't catch up on laundry, patience is thin with your children, feel like when you're leaving the house that you're half put together.... That you still WIN!!! You're children love you and in their eyes, you are super mom! Even those of you who have teens who act like you're the most incapable person on the planet, deep down they love you!
My friend Diana is still in Ethiopia with Ellie! She's so brave and strong! Please keep the prayers coming that paper work gets done quickly and they can come home soon!!

Her kids here are so loved by her and Andrew! They are training them well! Lilly their 12 year old daughter has been soooooo helpful!! Most girls her age would not be interested in helping me! She's 
been so encouraging to her brothers and myself!!
Asher and Will have done amazing too! It's been such a wonderful week to walk in someone else shoes and gain an even stronger appreciation and admiration for my friends and all you moms!
Tomorrow will be our treat day after school!!! Pictures soon to come!:)

Funny of the day: every night when I tuck the boys in, I've been telling them stories that either I made up as a kid or about me when I was a kid! They think they are hilarious!!:) I love any opportunity to have "story hour!"


  1. thanks for sharing! i know that's a message a lot of moms need to hear :) i'll be praying that they get to come hope soon and that it's a safe trip!

  2. So glad you are having fun!! Those kids adore you :)