Monday, March 31, 2014

Forever Changed

Its been several days since getting to post but if you've been following me.... There has been lots going on! ELLIE is home! 

Brown family of 6 is complete! Words can't describe how this family keeps changing my life and heart! By their obedience and loving others, it challenges me daily to do the same! Getting to be with Lilly, Asher, and will for two weeks... We've bonded and nothing will ever break it. From story hour with Asher and will, and fun conversations with Lilly.... I will never forget it. Meeting little Ellie... Oh what a day! We all love this girl so much already! She doesn't know it yet but we are all going to be best friends!
Since being home.... My life can't go back to "normal". God is stirring something in my heart and I'm earning to know the answers. All I do know is loving others is my mission! I can't go back to wasting time. I am needed!

He is doing a great work and isn't finished yet! His story for me is so much greater than I could even write. Your story is too! Don't settle for what's easy or convenient! Be bold and courageous to say YES to His story for your life!