Monday, March 17, 2014

Lucky or Blessed?

Happy St. Patrick's day! There has always been the battle in my head of using the words lucky or blessed! Probably from a former Sunday school teacher! She would always correct me when she heard me say lucky instead of blessed! In my young mind I thought I was "bad" for using the word lucky and my rule following self always tried to use it correctly!
But as I've gotten older, it's became more of how my heart looks at things. It's the love I feel from God and how he's blessed me more with people, a job, and things I don't deserve! 
What are you blessed with? Do you feel we get lucky sometimes or things happen because God designed us this way? We may never know the answers but what's more important is this: He loves us and wants us to love others. Period!
Hope you wore your green today!

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