Thursday, March 6, 2014

Part 4 knowing more equals doing better

This scripture has been swirling around my head and heart for the last two months! I was on the sidelines forgetting how and why to run. Now I'm back in the lane created for me, I realize its not always easy but the abundance of joy that God floods through my veins is what keeps me running. Knowing that every step I take is one more step closer to helping someone help in this race.
What I'm learning in evaluating this concept of time is that's its not just for me to give God my time, schedule, and free time. It's for the many God wants to minister and encourage using me!!! I'm not the only one who suffers when I gamble my time! 
My prayer is that each day I'm able to know more so I can do better! That while running im able to encourage those on the sidelines and we all run this race together!
I hope through this series you have gained even just one tip to incorporate in your life.

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