Monday, March 24, 2014

It Takes A Village

I never truly understood this African proverb until today. I actually heard it a lot when we were in Africa and would watch parents and older kids just taking care of everyone's kids as we worked. Sometimes you couldn't figure out who their real moms were. They all loved and watched after each other.
I experienced that first hand today. We are in round 2 of me staying with the browns as Andrew has gone back to Ethiopia to be with Diana and baby Ellie. If things go as planned and how we are praying, then we hope for them to be home by this weekend.
So today after school we had back to back ball practices, homework, kids to feed, and errands.
But oh how awesome to watch the village of people who love God and love the browns come together to help. I had help in getting boys to practice, as I was helping with homework, family and friends came to feed us, clean, work on laundry, and paint and work on Ellie's room.
It takes a Village!!
This is the meaning of our church.... The Village. We are called to love God and love people. Man did we feel loved today. I pray Diana, Andrew, and Ellie are feeling it miles away.
Are you a part of a village? What role are you working in? Sometimes it's places we'd never expect to serve and LOVE IT!!

The kids and I wore our letter E today to remind us and others to pray that Ellie gets to come home soon! She has a village here waiting to love on her!

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