Monday, March 10, 2014

Practicing what I'm learning

This week I'm staying with my friends 3 awesome kids while they are in Ethiopia getting their new daughter. These kids are awesome!!

What I've learned in the last few weeks is trying to manage my time better and this week I'm definitely getting some practice. Work, homework, ball practice, and some other obligations has added some new things to my schedule. I'm excited for the challenge of working on managing our time and schedule for the week. Having 3 kids after normally it being just me, can seem like a huge adjustment. One thing I'm hoping is these experiences will help me to not always be self-centered! Being single, you think of yourself more and that's natural because you are all you have to take care of. But I want to be a person to help others, not be selfish with my time, and putting others first.
This week ill be sharing about our day, funny stories, and things I'm learning!
Please join me in praying for Andrew, Diana, Lilly, Asher, will, and Ellie as they get ready to become a family of 6 and that they will all get to be together soon!

My new appreciation for parents today: sitting at ball field until 8 is crazy!! It's made me reevaluate and think about my homework I give and to make sure I'm not asking too much!
Check in this week! I'm sure you'll be in for some laughs!

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  1. WOW! That would be an adjustment to go from just you to 3 kiddos for a week :) I bet they are a blast though! Have fun.