Thursday, April 24, 2014

Unrealistic expectations

This week has been crazy and busy! Thank you for being patient as I balance all the tasks in preparing for the conference. I also have a lot going on at school with us coming down to the last 36 days left, there are meetings, evaluations, and lots to cover before I send my kids to 3rd grade.
One thing that has really been hitting me a lot is expectations. Expectations of others. With teaching it comes in from parents, our administration, the state, and myself. I want to be the best teacher I can for my students. But let's face it, with teachers being evaluated by their test scores..... Does anybody care if I love my students, truly care for their well being. I'll never forget my first year teaching and was at a first year teacher meeting. One of the speakers was employed at our central office. He said, " I want you all to remember something. Good teachers have good test scores!" I remember getting in my car and crying!! Unrealistic expectations..... I could be the best teacher ever and still have a group of students who don't pass.
Performance.... How I'm a friend, sister, daughter, aunt. How many times do we go above and beyond helping others and it never fails that someone needed us to bend two notches more.
When you perform a, singing, making something, putting an outfit together. When you've done your absolute best...... And you get no praise but what you should have done better.
I think it's being used right now to distract me. A dear friend reminded me of this today. The devil is shooting targets. Distracting me as we get closer and closer to the conference.
So tonight after I've had a day where I've not met many unrealistic expectations..... I am enough.
You are enough!!

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