Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are you giving life or taking away?

I've been reminded a lot lately how crucial it is to encourage others. Our words do only two things: give life or take away. No other choices. I know when life gets busy, when feeling stressed, or when we are frustrated at easy to allow all that built up in us to come rolling out of our mouths.
I guess that's what happens. What ever we have inside will work its way out. We think its hidden. Our insecurities, fears, hurts....but they shine out our pours. Most of the time landing onto our friends, family, co-workers.
My prayer is that we can allow God to make us a new heart and that His love shines above all else. 

This is my earnest prayer. I want to strengthen, build others up, and have a responsive heart. How are you doing at this?

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