Tuesday, April 29, 2014


It's the thing you should already know to be on the lookout when you're moving forward in doing something with God. Sometimes the excitement of walking in your passions you don't think ahead until its hit you right in the face! There is another force pushing, trying to derail us, and doesn't want us to succeed. The devil wants to crush our dreams.
This past few weeks I've had one distraction after another. It wasn't until this past week while talking with a friend and she said, "Breeze I don't want you to allow these distractions to consume you. You know the devil is going to send anything he can to distract you as we get closer to the conference. I couldn't believe I hadn't recognized it. He will use many methods.
Friends we need your prayers as we continue to run towards this dream, ministry, and conference! Thank goodness there is a force much stronger. God is on our side and we know He's already won.

He gives us life so we can live for Him and bring Him glory. So I'm strapping on my blinders that they use on horses to discipline and learn to focus on what's up ahead.

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