Monday, January 26, 2015

How I learned to Let Go

Bring it out of the Darkness

My knuckles were white from holding on so tight. Tucking it away so no one could see it. If no one
ever knew, then I could pretend it never happened and move on. No one would ever look at me differently, know the crazy decisions I’ve made, and see what I felt.


Why did hiding my Shame keep bothering me? If it’s been buried shouldn’t the “Out of sight, out of mind” come into place?

Shame. Hurt. Anger.

They played a loud game of tag in my mind. Racing and running around and they wouldn’t quit their game. They were winning and I was losing.


Why do we convince ourselves that hiding the “Real” us will bring us comfort and joy?

“When He came there was no Light. When He left there was no darkness” Mark Batterson All in.

Have you ever wanted to keep something you have done or become hidden? A messy house, empty bank account, a lie you’ve told? Maybe it’s an addiction you have developed. Spending too much money, hours upon hours on social media, cheating, or something you can’t even speak of out loud.

We are convinced we are the only ones who have this “dark” spot in our lives and what in the world would people think if they knew the real you.

“When He Came there was no light. When He left there was no darkness.”

If we could confidently hold out our hands and unclasp our fingers to let go of the thing we are holding so close, God can shine His light on it and that’s when the healing begins.

We will find that no matter what we’ve done or become, God loves us. He loves us enough to not keep us where we are but to guide us towards a place of redemption, forgiveness, and peace.

Take the first step. Let’s count together.

Now open your hands. Let go and Let God.

What I found when I let go was Grace!


When I sat down with some close friends and trusted them with my story, they were able to remind me I wasn't alone. We all have things we hide and try to bury. But when we allow God to hear our confession.... Healing begins.

Healing. Peace. Grace flooded every part of my body and overtook the shame and doubt.

It's worth it my friends to be brave in telling your story. Confess and healing.

What are you waiting for? Be free and fly!