Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Allow Yourself to Celebrate

Have you ever hit a milestone and you felt the need to celebrate? An anniversary, lose 10lbs, or a new job. Sometimes we make a personal goal, reach it, and have the desire to celebrate.

Sometimes we think our reason to celebrate May seem silly to others. That we don't really have a good enough reason to get out the balloons or confetti.

There is never too small a reason to celebrate.

This past weekend the She Dreams Ministry team/founders woke up early and met at a resort nearby for a special breakfast. There was no ballond, party hats, or even cake. But there was French toast, warm hearts, and a feeling of accomplishment and gratitude.

It was She Dreams Ministries one year birthday!!

The journey God had led us down this past year and did things through our ministry was far more beautiful than we ever imagined.

We wanted to celebrate together and so we did! We all have crazy schedules, families, and other obligations. We decided this was important to us and met around 7:30 that morning to have a few hours to be together before needing to get the day errands and things started.

She Dreams team (missing Kelly)

It doesn't matter the reason. You deserve a time to celebrate.

All you need is some close friends who get your vision, time marked out, and a way you want to celebrate.

Confetti. Balloons. A new outfit. French toast.

*i would love to see how your choosing to celebrate this year. Comment below or take a picture and post on Instagram. @Breezlei #celebratenow2015

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