Friday, January 9, 2015

Hide and Seek

So there I was laying on my worn red couch, bundled head to toe in blankets. You could only see the form of my body. I was hiding. Not from the cold wind that was pressing against the house and howling. I was hiding from my failures. Here it was just January 2nd and I already felt defeated.

A failure. 

2015 was laughing at me and punching me in the gut. The blanket hid my eyes to the mountain of laundry, unwashed dishes, unused exercise equipment, an empty wallet, and a blank piece of paper that taunted me with its bareness of words and a power of fear that held me under the blanket.
Under the blanket I felt paralyzed. My goals I had started working on for the new year seemed like giants looking down at me and I had run and hide. 
Have you ever been fearful to start something that you never begin?

Maybe for you it's wanting to start a new job, go back to school, lose weight, write a book, overcome your finances, or buying a new house.
It seems so scary and all you can do is run and hide because the feeling of failure isn't something we want to taste often.

As I lay under those blankets and all I could hear was the wind beating down.... Suddenly everything got quiet... Still. These words started flowing through my head and heart.

"I did not give you a spirit of fear. But of power, love, and a sound mind!"

The tears began to flow! Peace filled my whole body. 

I wasn't a failure. I am a woman full of power, love, and of sound mind. A mind that can conquer a blank sheet of paper and a mountain of laundry.

Let's not give up. Don't hide. Run towards Him, lean into His arms, and say "yes", YES to His dreams for your life! One step at a time. 

                             Photo credit: Chris Tomlin

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