Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Fog Will Lift

My bags were in the back, sunglasses on, and music playing. Road Trip!

Even though it was going to be a quick trip, I was looking forward to spending time with my nephews and my twin sister at a resort.

As I traveled, following my sister, we started over the mountain. As we got closer to the top, it became very foggy. It had been raining a lot lately. My speed had dwindled down to where I was just inching along. If it hadn't been for the headlights, I wouldn't have been able to even see my sisters car. The road was narrow and I knew that I would need to drive very slow so as not to drive off the side of the mountain.

Hurry. There is fun to be had. Impatience.

There were several miles I could just see what was right in front of me. Then suddenly around a bend, the fog had lifted and I could see a stretch laid out in front of me. Then another patch of fog.

My life has felt this way recently.

Restless. Impatient. Can’t see too far ahead of where I am.

Sometimes our lives are like that foggy road. God giving us enough light to take one small step and then around a bend we are able to see more of the picture and direction He is leading us.

Then suddenly the fog lifts.

He reveals His plan and we can see for miles and miles His story for us.

Maybe you’re in a season like me where your just moving inch by inch because you can’t see any further. Here are some encouraging things to remember.

1.      His light will shine on your next step.
God will reveal the next part in your story chapter by chapter, page by page. He will make sure you know enough to know your next step. When we aren't certain of the next step, this is when faith steps in. To have faith that God will continue to shine a light in the direction to go. His word is a place where we can go to for this guidance.
2.      Keep moving forward.
We may know our destination but having to wait patiently during the process of getting to it. We can’t just stand still while we wait. We must keep pursuing Him and be active in our time of wait. This has been the equipping stage for myself. God equipping me for what is next.
3.     The fog will lift.
We will not stay in the fog forever. This is the hope we hold on to and know there is joy in the morning.

In this process we learn how to lean into Him and rely on His help to get us to our next destination.

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